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Why do I only see desktop CPUs?
It is currently a conspiracy.
Why is a dollar amount even when it shouldn't be?
The computer rounds the numbers to nearest cent.
How do the filters work?
Green means that type of CPU will be shown. Red means the filter is enabled and components with that metric/stat/attribute will not be shown. Some filters, like the core or pricing filters, only allow a single filter to be used at a time.
What is the "$ Change" column?
It is the difference between today's price vs yesterdays price. A positive number means it is more expensive today than yesterday while a negative number means it is cheaper today than yesterday.
Why is the price of the CPU more on Newegg than stated on the website?
It is either because the site has not updated the price or because of the referral fee they might tack on. Feel Free to hit the non-referral link to get the better price though keep in mind this site costs money to run. This seems to happen from time to time, most likely when they discount processors to extravagant levels or items are EOS/EOL.
Can you email me when the CPU drops in price / changes in price / hits a certain cost?
Which CPU / Processor is the best!?
The one you pick. We have no idea. But if you want to compare CPU performance metrics feel free to check out this tool.

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